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Software Engineer helping the world belong anywhere with Airbnb

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- Help me add features to official Kubernetes operator for Celery
- Watch my talk in EuroPython 2020 on Advanced Infrastructure Management in Kubernetes using Python

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Hi, I'm Gautam!
I'm a Software Engineer from New Delhi, India. I graduated from Delhi Technological University(Formerly Delhi College of Engineering) in 2018 to join Grofers as a Backend Engineer.
I've experience building production-ready systems with Python and Kubernetes at a scale of million daily active users.During my Bachelor's in Software Engineering, I've been mostly involved with open source projects. I'm a Google Summer of Code'17 scholar and have contributed to complex codebases of LibreOffice, Mozilla(Firefox for Android) and OpenMRS and others in the past.In addition to coding, I love to read about fitness, nutrition and epidemiology of cancer as a disease. I organize regular support group circles to help bring positive mental shift from consumption to contribution in the community.I occasionally write on Medium.


I'd love to hear from you. I deeply care about solving challenging real impact problems like physical and mental health, climate change, clean energy using technology. I look forward to build/be part of such initiatives.

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